Our People

The Best German Language Course is a part of Kampelmann Academy, an international fellowship of educators. We are proud of the institution that we've built up since 2002 and passionate about what we do. We pay careful attention to the quality of our teaching by using proven education methods and we all share a dedication to working hard to achieve excellent results.


Ulli Kampelmann is the founder and CEO of Kampelmann Academy. She earned her Master of Education degree with specialization in the German language, visual arts and mathematics. All of the subsidiaries of the Academy operate smoothly under her watchful eye. She is also a well-known artist. (Ulli in Wikipedia)


Steve Van Stone is the co-founder and COO of Kampelmann Academy. An award winning documentarian, he oversees the technical aspects of video editing and production and is our webmaster. As well, he is a licensed and certified professional managment consultant. His hobbies include poetry, baking, singing and videography.


Corvin Kampelmann-Van Stone is our SEO guru (see his SEO website here) as well as leader of our social media marketing. He enjoys the continuing development of Juicy Quotes, the largest image based quotes website on the internet.


Multi-talented Cleopatra Pendl-Van Stone is responsible for personnel, social media and design.


Herbie Wickertsheim is a well experienced teacher and fun-loving contributor to Kampelmann Academy with his light-hearted songs and teaching videos. He lives with his wife Trudy in Laar, Germany.


Ukrainian born Alexei Kovalenko is a History and English teacher in our Academy. He is an expert in geographic information systems as wellas the Excel program. Alexei lives with his wife in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Heather Flood, a trained English teacher, is always cheerful and innovative in her English lessons for our Academy


Laurence Flood has over 30 years of teaching experience in Scotland, England and Spain. He teaches mathematics and English with bright ideas and he brings life and application into his subject for our Academy. Originally from Scotland, He and his wife Heather enjoy their lovely country living in rural France.


Matt Wood, a certified teacher, is a very creative contributor of  Physics and English lessons for our Academy. Matt began tutoring when he was twelve years old. He lives on Prince Edwarrds, Island, Canada with his wife.


Kholis, our illustrator, lives and works in Indonesia. He is a highly talented illustrator and his hand drawn pictures are an important enhancement to the lessons in our Academy.